MADDASH|TV Presents CODA performing at ALAN III at Hidden Nightclub, Vauxhall, on April 9th, 2010. Coda are a 5-piece live dubstep band, based in Guildford, UK, and have been producing music together since September of 2009, after the members met at the Academy of Contemporary Music.

Their line-up consists of live acoustic drumkit rigged with MIDI triggers, live guitar and MC, trombone, and three computers running sequences, samples, and effects. The band’s bass-heavy style covers a range of genres, from roots dub and hip-hop, to minimal garage beats and tearing main room dubstep.

Coda have consistently pushed their own boundaries in the short time they’ve been together, constantly raising the bar for themselves in terms of the musicality and production standards of their music. All members have extensive musical experience, both on stage and in the studio, and use this knowledge to fuse together the raw energy of a traditional band performance with the flow and excitement of a DJ set.

After performing only a handful of gigs, the group have already amassed a substantial fan following and generated significant interest in their sound from promoters and labels across the country. With their gigging schedule filling up, their first release not far off, and a constant flow of new material, their future certainly looks promising.

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