Our good friends Free Peace are having their next installment of “THE BIG BOUNCE” at the London venue called the Boogaloo on 312 Archway Road, N6 5AT. Which will be the last Wednesday of every month.

£3 entry and the party starts at 8pm until 1am.

Free Peace are bringing you an amazing line up for the Launch of THE BIG BOUNCE here’s a little bit more on the artists…

£3 entry doors open at 8pm until late


Rokhsan Heydari

We are all the sum parts of what we see, what we feel, who we meet, where we live, who we love and how we process this crazy mother of 21st century life. Rokhsan Heydari is a remarkable embodiment of the world today. Daughter to a British/Indian mother and Persian father, she has a truly international attitude in her style and manner. She is also multi-lingual speaking French, Spanish, Persian and English.

Playing piano from the age of 6, and then picking up vocals, guitar, drums, production and now violin, Rokhsan has continued to develop her writing and live performance skills at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, immersing herself in every opportunity made available. Over a period of 3 years Rokhsan played literally hundreds of live shows with the Huw Stephens’ recommended Worst Case Scenario label mates, Little Things, as well as showcasing her solo material.

Now at just 23, Rokhsan’s solo work has a beautifully crafted charm of folk, soul and pop with a touch of Eastern frailty in her vocal phrasing. This has created a small storm at radio and in A & R circles way ahead of her first single release on Worst Case Scenario records in October 08. In June a performance witnessed by key Radio 1 staff led to a crowd pleasing Glastonbury slot on the BBC Introducing stage. Imminent shows at Bestival and Manchester’s In The City, quite simply because they love her, are all clear signs of big things to come.

Bebe and Paolo

Bebe and Paolo formed at the start of 2009 through a mutual love of 1930’s jazz, blues, British punk and Victorian vaudeville. They started performing immediately at open mic nights with covers of old jazz standards – throwing in some dirty lyrics and slick, modern arrangements to boot.

Feeding off the excited response of their audience, the pair decided to record their first E.P entitled “Good Boys” – six self-penned tracks described as being “like story time at the library – if all the books were porno and the librarian was hot as toast…” The aim was to put 1950’s rockabilly and with cabaret sentiments into a three-minute pop format which is also a bit punk.

Singer and percussionist Bebe explains, “Our influence is vintage but we’re not a vintage band. People say our lyrics are risque, but I think they’re just modern love songs. They’re easy to relate to – I find it difficult to write through rose-tinted glasses”

Since forming, the band have recorded two self-penned E.P’s and won two Battle of the Bands competitions – one of which secured them a place at Rob da Bank’s “Camp Bestival” opening The Big Top Stage where the running order went something along the lines of: “Spongebob SquarePants, Bebe and Paolo, PJ Harvey.” They had reviews in the local media who describe them as “an intriguing couple… a flame-haired songstress and a mustachioed, be-suited gent” and “like Winehouse – without the wine.”

A recent interview in Amelia’s Magazine spurred music bloggers to attend the couple’s show at the Fashion and Textiles Museum: “…the tiny redhead, Bebe Black, had a sultry voice that jazzed the crowd, and her guitarist solidly worked his instrument. I’m adding her to my artists to watch list.”

Bebe and Paolo are currently working to establish themselves within the music industry, bringing their wistful guitar, love-sick lyrics and sequined stage-show with them…

Free Peace

Free Peace began in 2006 as an acoustic trio with Stacey Edwards on guitar, Abi Evans on vocals and Kerry Edwards on percussion. Experimenting with various genres ranging from hip-hop and acoustic singer/song-writer styles, their compositions fused African and flamenco influences whilst still retaining pop friendly hooks and a commercial vibe. Free Peace went on to study at the Academy of Contemporary Music to develop their musical careers, and this is where the fourth member, Sam Odiwe on bass, joined the group. Their new collaboration further honed their sound and style, evolving the genre into a highly original, innovative and exciting music form. Performing as a four-piece band around the UK and Europe they refined their sound and performance skills playing to live audiences. In April 2008 they discovered the latest addition to the Free Peace family. Sebastian Goodwin- Day helped to round the Free Peace sound contributing his skills on the trombone. This fifth member completed the Free Peace band and brand. Although this complete line up of musicians in Free Peace had been developed and the sound established, Free Peace had a mountain to overcome as their bass player “Sam Odiwe” was destined for bigger and better things, this came as a tragic loss to the band. Free Peace worked quickly to find a suitable replacement for Sam. In February of 2009, Naz Adamson joined to filled the void. Naz brought a new feel to the band with his professional attitude and amazing skill both on bass and vocals, this new contribution brought a new vibe to the table, one that would allow Free Peace as a band and brand to develop even further. This new collaboration brought a new link to the group, in March of 2009 Toby Couling joined the band with his cornet, steel drum and amazing tone on backing vocals. Not only is Toby an amazing fast learner and a man of many talents but he also brought a new level of charismatic stage presence. The summer of 2009 was an interesting and fun adventure with this new developed line up, playing the U.K summer festivals along with another tour of the south of Italy. This new development in the band line up didn’t stop there, It seemed the brass section with Sebastian and Toby was growing but was in desperate need of a third member to complete the brass sound. James Wiseman was approached and without much convincing was brought in to complete the three-piece brass section on saxophone in October of 2009. The new seven-piece band has brought a more mature sound to the Free Peace band and brand