As many of you know this past weekend was the highly anticipated American Apparel Rummage Sale… So we decided to bring you a quick round up of the havoc…

2,000 blood hungry hipsters descended on London’s Bricklane on this Easter weekend for the first ever American Apparel Rummage Sale in London. A free for all which lead to 10 police officers suffering from having too much fun chasing these kids around. The turn out was apparently unexpected by American Apparel who had a Facebook event with 30,000 people confirmed to attend… These kids cant keep their clothes up what did they expect?! Tomorrow is the last day we’ll probably see you there… Some videos of the madness are below… Look at him go! lol!

What first sparked the riot… Bomb Ass Prices…

Here are the Updates from American Apparel regarding the incident on Friday….

Updates from early Friday
!!!!!!!!!WE’VE BEEN TEMPORARILY SHUT DOWN BY THE POLICE. We’re trying to get this reopened for you as soon as possible. Stayed tuned to this page or Twitter for updates. They are concerned about the crowd outside the venue for the time being so if you can disperse, please do. Thank you. We know you’re excited and won’t let you down!!!!!!!!!

Update II: AALNDN10 gets you 15% off our UK webstore for the next 10 days! (redeem code at checkout) We’re figuring this out. Thank you for your patience so far.

UPDATE III: The police have closed our London Rummage Sale for today to ensure everyone’s safety. We’re doing all we can to stay open for the wknd and will let you know. To everyone who has waited so patiently: Please Take 25% OFF anything in our UK site (use code LNDNRMG25) or print this for 25% off at our UK retail shops… (exp 1 wk, not valid w/ other offers). We’re going to make this up to everyone. Thank you!