Song bird warblers, mushroom gatherers, polymath guitar-magic, wayward lilters, fickle fairies, esoteric troubadour folk, fuzzed-out acid trips, kosmiche wizardry and forest witchery…..

However you wish to describe the music and the artists presented here, its really all just a state of mind, time, and emotion. Songs of lament and dying, sensuous soul-bearing, unraveled pasts, uncertain futures and escaped moments along with joyous free-spirited balladry and equal parts frivolity make for mood music that transcends descriptions and categorization.

“Music to be with”


Embryo – Sun Song – Father, Son, Holy Ghost (Brain)

Musica Dispersa – Citara – Musica Dispersa (Wah Wah)

Lily and Maria – Everybody Knows – Lily and Maria (Columbia)

Psychedelic Psoul – Rose Of Smiling Faces – The Freak Scene (Columbia)

Nancy Priddy – Youve Come This Way Before – Youve Come This Way Before (Rev-Ola)

Jan & Lorraine – Don’t You Feel Fine – Gypsy People (ABC)

John & Beverly Martyn – Auntie Aviator – The Road To Ruin (Warner)

Sam Gopal – The Sky Is Burning – Escalator (Stable)

Bobby Brown – – The Enlightning Beam of Axonda (Destiny Records)

We All Together – It’s A Sin To Go Away – We All Together (Lazarus)

Eduardo Bort – Thoughts – Eduardo Bort

Wendy and Bonnie – It’s What’s Really Happening (Skye)

Crown’s Clan – No Place For Our Minds (Polydor)

Incredible String Band – Witches Hat – The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter (Elektra)

Le Orme – Ad Gloriam – Ad Gloriam (Akarma/Comet)

Ed Askew – Fancy That – Ask The Unicorn (ESP Disk)

Bonnie Dobson – Morning Dew – Bonnie Dobson (RCA)