Our good friends Free Peace are hosting a fresh new residency called “THE BIG BOUNCE” in London at the venue called the Boogaloo on 312 Archway Road, N6 5AT. Which will be the last Wednesday of every month starting with the 31st of March.

£3 entry and the party starts at 8pm until 1am.

Free Peace are bringing you an amazing line up for the Launch of THE BIG BOUNCE here’s a little bit more on the artists… 

Like the classic Two Tone movement passed before them, The Zion and The White Boys family represent uniting force of music within their combusting creative physical and musical entity. Their message is the one love and happiness that exists within themselves. They intend to project positivity to the world around them through all mediums of art and creativity. Their styles echo a mix of good vibes from a wide range of sounds; from the dancehalls of Jamaica to the coasts of Africa and South America. The group Started originally as a four piece, but, like any family it has grown over the course of their last 3 years of fun to become a massive skanking 10 piece, with backing vocals, percussion, horns and dub delays and effects; Getting their audiences to ‘Rock the Boat’ whenever possible. They have a massive stage experience: Championed by the Aidan Larkin (The Wailers Tour DJ/ and part of The festival friendly Disco Shed) they often play at his Skylarkin Soundsystem at The Big Chill house and Oxford Cellar. They feature monthly as part of the ‘Mad Dash Collective’ at readings Global Cafe, also favorites at Londons home for bermudans abroad; Spread Luv Live. Other stages include ‘Back to Mine’ Bath, Shepherds Bush Empire, Beach Breaks Fesitval. This year they are set to play all over the country and play a big part in this years festival circuit in the UK and Europe, in the light of there 16 track debut album which will be released in April 2010. Look out for Zntwbs knees up dates in a town near you! 

It all started in January 2009 when, armed with a handful of songs, Messrs Bell(vocals/guitar) and Noyce(cello/bass) set forth in the Amber States(ion) Wagon playing live shows around London Town finding their own sound, taking pointers from barflies and encouragement from the odd finger tap.
In a bid to turn their finger tapping songbook into a hand clapping jamboree, Spring saw the addition of a kick drum, a series of Sunday shows at Camden’s Proud Galleries, and initial demos were recorded.
Not one for the Summertime Blues, Amber States pressed on and unveiled Henry ‘Cat Paws’ Thomas, recruited to tinkle on the ivories, and after talks of upping the ante, duly adopted beat duty.
Autumn 2009 – a bigger sound and selling-out to the odd birthday bash to fund studio time, the hand clapping was well on it’s way to the feet; cue Nick ‘Pick’ Lee, drafted in from the Brighton shores to police the riot and remind us all where we came from.
Next stop – XFM where ‘Son of a Gun’ and ‘No place like home’ were recorded by live session engineer Chris Denman.
Put the kettle on.

A thousand thanks to………………………..
..Chris Denman for the recordings of ‘Song of a Gun’ and ‘No place like home’.

Long Story short…
Neil Erua’s nomadic upbringing has taken him from France
(Marseille-Paris), to the USA, Vietnam, Panama and now he has settled in London, where he continues to perform and compose his electroacoustic ditties. Earthy, folky, and blues inspired world
fusion style of song for fans of Paul Simon and Ben Harper… Recently played: The Troubadour – The Cobden – The Bedford – THE CROSS KINGS – Upstairs at the Ritzy – The Regal Room – The Loom Bar – Strongroom
At home, his father listened to Jazz, Blues sprinkled with a touch of Bluegrass. Growing up on rhythms by Django Reinhardt, John Coltrane, BB King, Steve Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Hank Williams, Otis Redding and Bob Dylan. His mother was more orientated around French variety music, singing tunes from Julien Clerc, Jacques Brel, Barbara et Daniel Balavoine hooked to music and developed an eclectic taste in music.
“excellentissimo ! Wow… what a journey !” Akamusic 2009
“great style with an authentic voice” Love & Music 2009
“excellent music, amazingly new” Eden Promotions Online Radio 2010


Free Peace began in 2006 as an acoustic trio with Stacey Edwards on guitar, Abi Evans on vocals and Kerry Edwards on percussion. Experimenting with various genres ranging from hip-hop and acoustic singer/song-writer styles, their compositions fused African and flamenco influences whilst still retaining pop friendly hooks and a commercial vibe. Free Peace went on to study at the Academy of Contemporary Music to develop their musical careers, and this is where the fourth member, Sam Odiwe on bass, joined the group. Their new collaboration further honed their sound and style, evolving the genre into a highly original, innovative and exciting music form. Performing as a four-piece band around the UK and Europe they refined their sound and performance skills playing to live audiences. In April 2008 they discovered the latest addition to the Free Peace family. Sebastian Goodwin- Day helped to round the Free Peace sound contributing his skills on the trombone. This fifth member completed the Free Peace band and brand. Although this complete line up of musicians in Free Peace had been developed and the sound established, Free Peace had a mountain to overcome as their bass player “Sam Odiwe” was destined for bigger and better things, this came as a tragic loss to the band. Free Peace worked quickly to find a suitable replacement for Sam. In February of 2009, Naz Adamson joined to filled the void. Naz brought a new feel to the band with his professional attitude and amazing skill both on bass and vocals, this new contribution brought a new vibe to the table, one that would allow Free Peace as a band and brand to develop even further. This new collaboration brought a new link to the group, in March of 2009 Toby Couling joined the band with his cornet, steel drum and amazing tone on backing vocals. Not only is Toby an amazing fast learner and a man of many talents but he also brought a new level of charismatic stage presence. The summer of 2009 was an interesting and fun adventure with this new developed line up, playing the U.K summer festivals along with another tour of the south of Italy. This new development in the band line up didn’t stop there, It seemed the brass section with Sebastian and Toby was growing but was in desperate need of a third member to complete the brass sound. James Wiseman was approached and without much convincing was brought in to complete the three-piece brass section on saxophone in October of 2009. The new seven-piece band has brought a more mature sound to the Free Peace band and brand

Integer is a 21 year old music producer, specialising in the fields of breakbeat, drum & bass and techno.
Born in Germany, he grew up listening to a mix of folk and reggae fed to him by his parents. Having then moved to England he got into the ska and punk scene in his early teenage years. He was taught piano from a young age until around 12, and was then bought an electric guitar when he turned 14. Playing in several bands throughout his teenage years, he began to develop a taste of composition, as well as a yearning to create music on his own.
Fed by his studies on early versions of Cubase for GCSE Music, he began experimenting with simple dance/trance tunes at home on Fruityloops 3.5. Surrounded by a friendship group consisting mostly of other musicians and producers, Integer along with his friends, began to learn more and more about the complex and exciting world of music production. Spurring each other on, and collaborating as much as possible, the apparent standards of audio quality in all of their tunes began to increase, and the process became all the more rewarding.
A 2 year stint in Leeds then followed, studying music & new media technology at the Metropolitan University. The city had a big influence on the sound in his tunes at this point, living with drum & bass, breakcore and dubstep producers during his 2nd year. The nightlife and club scene in Leeds cemented his ambition of releasing his own records, and he has since been teaching himself all he can find about electronic music production.
Unfortunately, the course he was studying was poor, and he began to feel he was being stunted in terms of his education. He made a decision that he wanted to work in the music industry, and ultimately that would involve some sacrifices. And so he gave up the student lifestyle in Leeds and applied for a music production course at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, where he currently studies.
If anyone in the Guildford area is looking for a producer/engineer/writing partner, get in touch. Collaboration is the key.